It takes more than just a day to create an empire that glows with pride and commands awe from all and so did Bawa Group of Companies. A name that today is synonymous with hospitality, resplendence and warmth had very modest beginnings and the metamorphosis into the mult-faceted empire it is today. It is certainly a remarkable feat achieved by none other than Mr. Gurinder Singh Pratap Singh Bawa the pillar behind Bawa Group of Companies.

Mr. G.S.Bawa had a very humble upbringing in Mumbai and although there is nothing extraordinary to his introduction into the business world, what is extraordinary is his focus and his will to accomplish.

At a very early age Mr G.S.Bawa joined his father's business, which involved taking projects for the Government . An amalgamation of hard work, determination and the best methods and technology paved the way to success and the Bawa Group earned contracts from reputed PSU's like ONGC and RCF.
There was no looking back then and Bawa and Company earned the goodwill it long yearned for and was amongst the largest companies in Maharashtra to undertake Industrial protective coating projects. This was the first stepping stone to the fortress that we all recognize as Bawa Group of Companies.

Today Bawa Group of Companies has spread its arms into various sectors with the most notable being Hospitality industry, infrastructure, Realty Market and the growing Health and wellness segment.

With growing business has come added responsibilities and today the second generation of the Bawa clan has shouldered them with equal grace and commitment.