Board Of Directors

Gurinder Singh Bawa

Chairman Bawa Group

The pillar behind the Bawa Group of companies, Mr. G.S.Bawa took the mantle of the Bawa Group at a very young age and steered the company towards greater heights with his focus and ability to tackle all odds. Mr. Bawa has also been involved in several philanthropic initiatives and has successfully established the fortress that we, recognize as Bawa Group of Companies. He adheres to one simple philosophy, "The obstacle is the path."

Mrs Babli Bawa

Executive Director - Bawa Group

Mrs Bawa has been the executive Director of the company, since its inception and has been an integral part of its success story. Positive thinking and the strength to tide through lows with a relentless pursuit to see things through to their logical conclusions has made her one of the most reliable support system for the Bawa group. She is the pillar of strength that brings a whole new perspective to conducting business operations.

Karanveer Singh Bawa

MD & CEO-Realty & Developers

Mr. Karanveer Singh Bawa is a man known for his passion and drive to excel towards anything he undertakes. His business acumen, coupled with leadership skills and farsightedness has earned him recognition and success at a very young age. Today Mr. Karan Bawa manages the Realty and Construction segment of the Bawa Group.

Vikramveer Singh Bawa

MD & CEO - Hospitality & Services

The hospitality segment of the Bawa Group is spearheaded by Mr. Vikramveer Singh Bawa, a Post Graduate in Hospitality Management from the elite institute,Les Roches Switzerland. His knowledge bank, expertise, professional approach, fresh ideas and the positive energy has helped scale the business to greater heights in accordance with International standards and quality.

Ms. Kiran Bawa

Founder & MD Iosis Wellness

The Health and Wellness segment fondly christened Iosis Medi Spa is nurtured by the very enterprising Ms.Kiran Bawa. She forayed into the Health and Wellness segment after graduating from a top notch University in the UK and having been a cosmetologist has elevated the business to a new level. Her partner in this fast growing business venture is none other than noted wellness Diva Shilpa Shetty, who along with Kiran Bawa is on a mission called Wellness India.

Mrs. Meetu Bawa

Managing Partner – Fairdeal Hotels

Mrs. Meetu Bawa has very successfully transformed her hobby into a business venture. With an inclination towards globe trotting, Mrs. Bawa forayed into the untapped travel portal space and today manages Fair Deal Hotels with a personal touch. She believes that her drive to excel comes from her passion and sincerity towards the business she operates.

Mrs. Kalpana Bawa

DIRECTOR – Marketing & Advertising - Bawa Group

Armed with enthusiasm to learn, ambition to grow and a vision to build Brand Bawa impactfully, Kalpana Bawa, joined the Bawa Group to oversee the execution of Marketing & Advertising. In a short span of time, equipped with a thorough understanding of the market and valuable insights to augment marketing strategy effectiveness, she rose steadfast to head the marketing functions for the entire Bawa group today.