Board Of Directors

Gurinder Singh Bawa

Chairman Bawa Group

The pillar behind the Bawa Group of companies, Mr. G.S.Bawa took the mantle of the Bawa Group at a very young age and steered the company towards greater heights with his focus and ability to tackle all odds. Mr. Bawa has also been involved in several philanthropic initiatives and has successfully established the fortress that we, recognize as Bawa Group of Companies. He adheres to one simple philosophy, "The obstacle is the path."

Karanveer Singh Bawa

MD & CEO-Realty & Developers

With a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication, Mr. Karanveer Singh Bawa has made a significant impact in the business world, leveraging his exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision to drive the Realty and Construction segment of the Bawa Group to great heights.

Vikramveer Singh Bawa

MD & CEO - Hospitality & Services

The hospitality segment of the Bawa Group is spearheaded by Mr. Vikramveer Singh Bawa, a Post Graduate in Hospitality Management from the elite institute,Les Roches Switzerland. His knowledge bank, expertise, professional approach, fresh ideas and the positive energy has helped scale the business to greater heights in accordance with International standards and quality.

Ms. Kiran Bawa

Founder & MD Iosis Wellness

“Wellness is the essence of existence," believes Ms. Kiran Bawa. With in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and broad exposure to the beauty industry, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her work. Her exceptional interpersonal skills, combined with professional qualifications in Cosmetology, Beauty Treatments and Spa Therapies from prestigious institutes in the UK and USA, make her a distinguished figure in the field.